We are known for:


Our work is excellent,
but where we really distinguish ourselves is in our speed of execution.


We don't do sprints. We work on marathons. Day after day consistent deliveries is what matters.


We are genuine people. If you have read our story, you will know what we mean. We deliver what we commit to.

What's in a Name?

Many times we are asked the story behind our name and logo, so here we go.

  • The word Dobby comes from Harry Potter - if you know you know. It just sounded perfect for a name. OK Boomer.

  • The colorful logo? Since we were getting into the screens business, there was a nostalgia around the "NO SIGNAL" screen that we used to see in our childhood - it had colorful bands similar to our logo. You can go to Google Images and search for "no signal tv screen" and you will know what we mean. We replaced the colors with happy colors.

  • If you look at the entire color palette, we have also included Black and White - through the background of the logo and the color of the text - thus covering the entire spectrum. The idea here was we'll be an open and fair platform.

  • The font of the text is Helvetica Neue. If anyone of you has seen Gary Hustwit's documentary on Helvetica, you will end up taking such decisions.

  • Lastly, there is one more thing about this logo which we will only reveal if you talk to us. That particular aspect made this logo survive the business beyond digital screens to date.

The Overheads

Sudhanshu Garg

Founder & CEO

Ravi Raj