Amazon Product Inserts


In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, sellers are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out in the crowded marketplace. One such strategy gaining popularity is the use of Amazon Product Inserts. These small, strategically placed additions to your packaging can make a significant impact on customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and overall success on the platform.

What Are Amazon Product Inserts?

Amazon Product Inserts are promotional materials, typically small cards or pamphlets, that sellers include inside their product packaging. These inserts serve multiple purposes, ranging from providing additional information about the product to encouraging customer reviews and repeat business.

How to add product inserts into your packaging

Adding product inserts to your packaging is a straightforward process. Once you've created the design, simply download the file and send it to your supplier. They'll take care of printing and inserting the cards into each product package. If you handle order fulfillment yourself, use a print service to get your inserts printed and shipped to you. Before sending out your orders, remember to add an insert card to each package.

The Benefits of Using Amazon Product Inserts:

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

  • Product inserts offer an opportunity to engage with customers beyond the virtual transaction. Including a personalized message or a special offer can create a lasting impression.

Encouraging Customer Reviews:

  • Amazon places restrictions on requesting reviews, but you can use inserts to politely encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences. Positive reviews can boost your product's visibility and credibility.

Building Brand Loyalty:

  • By including inserts that showcase your brand story, values, or a loyalty program, you can foster a stronger connection with customers. This may encourage them to choose your products over competitors in the future.

Cross-Selling and Upselling:

  • Cleverly designed inserts can introduce customers to other products in your catalog. Cross-selling complementary items or upselling to a premium version can increase your average order value.

Providing Valuable Information:

  • Use inserts to provide helpful information, such as product care tips, installation guides, or exclusive access to online resources. This not only enhances the customer experience but also reduces the likelihood of returns due to misunderstandings.

Dos and Don’ts for your product inserts:

Amazon Product Insert Dos:

Say Thank You

  • Simple, but important. Express gratitude to your customers for their purchase.

Include Instructions

  • If your product needs some guidance, provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

List Warranty/Guarantee Information

  • If there's a warranty, share details on how customers can make claims.

Request Reviews (Neutrally)

  • It's okay to ask for reviews, just keep it neutral. Let customers know all experiences, good or bad, are valued.

Encourage Connectivity

  • Use inserts to invite customers to follow your brand on social media or subscribe to your newsletter. You can make it easy with a QR code.

Amazon Product Insert Don'ts:

Avoid Manipulative Language

  • Refrain from using language that could be seen as manipulative, like claiming to be a small family business to garner reviews.

Don't Cherry Pick Customers

  • Asking only satisfied customers for reviews or suggesting unhappy customers contact you before reviewing is against the rules.

Avoid Incentivizing Reviews

  • Offering gifts, discounts, or any benefits in exchange for reviews, positive or otherwise, violates Amazon's rules. Stick to a simple message, thanking customers for their purchase and asking for honest reviews based on their experience. Be cautious, as Amazon's rules can change.

Best Practices for Amazon Product Inserts:

Compliance with Amazon Policies:

  • Ensure that your inserts comply with Amazon's policies. The platform has strict guidelines to prevent the inclusion of promotional content that may divert customers away from the site.

Keep it Concise and Clear:

  • Customers appreciate straightforward information. Keep your inserts concise, focusing on key messages and a clear call-to-action.

Design Matters:

  • Invest in professional and eye-catching design. A well-designed insert enhances your brand image and increases the likelihood that customers will pay attention to the content.

Value-Driven Offers:

  • If you include promotions or discounts, make sure they provide genuine value to the customer. Exclusive offers can incentivize repeat business.

Encourage Feedback, Not Just Reviews:

  • While positive reviews are valuable, feedback on the overall shopping experience can be equally beneficial. Encourage customers to share their thoughts, suggestions, or concerns.


Transforming Amazon product returns into profits requires a strategic approach that focuses on optimizing processes, reselling returned items creatively, maintaining customer satisfaction, and adapting to market trends. By implementing these comprehensive strategies, you can not only recover costs but also build a positive reputation for your brand, ultimately contributing to the long-term success of your Amazon business.