How to Sell Internationally with Amazon Global Selling

In today's interconnected world, businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to reach customers worldwide. One powerful platform that enables this global reach is Amazon Global Selling. Whether you're an established brand or a small business, Amazon Global Selling offers a range of possibilities for selling your products to a global audience.

Benefits of Amazon Global Selling

Global Reach

  • One of the most obvious advantages of Amazon Global Selling is the ability to reach customers on a global scale. With access to multiple international marketplaces, you can tap into a diverse customer base, increasing your sales potential significantly.

Existing Infrastructure

  • Amazon already has established infrastructure in various countries, including logistics and payment processing. This means you can focus on selling your products, while Amazon takes care of many of the logistical and administrative aspects.

Trust and Credibility

  • Amazon is a trusted and recognized brand worldwide. When you list your products on Amazon marketplaces, customers may have more confidence in making purchases due to the platform's reputation for customer service and reliability.

Localized Support

  • Amazon offers localized support to help sellers navigate the challenges of international selling. This includes translation services, compliance support, and customer service in local languages.

Fulfillment Options

  • Sellers can choose between fulfilling orders themselves or using Amazon's Fulfillment Centers (Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA). FBA can simplify international shipping and customs procedures, making it a convenient choice for many sellers.

How to Get Started with Amazon Global Selling

If you're interested in expanding your business globally through Amazon, here are the steps to get started:

Research and Planning

  • Before you dive in, conduct thorough market research to identify the most promising international markets for your products. Consider factors like demand, competition, and shipping logistics.

Create an Amazon Seller Account

  • If you're not already an Amazon seller, you'll need to create an Amazon seller account. Select the marketplace you want to sell in and register as a seller.
  • Start by selecting the right Amazon global marketplace(s) for your brand


  • US:
  • Canada:
  • Mexico:
  • Brazil:


  • US:
  • Canada:
  • Mexico:
  • Brazil:
  • Germany:
  • France:
  • Italy:
  • Spain:
  • Netherlands:
  • United Kingdom:
  • Poland:
  • Sweden:
  • Turkey:

Middle East

  • Turkey:
  • Saudi Arabia:
  • UAE:


  • India:
  • Australia:
  • Singapore:
  • Japan:

List Your Products

  • Once you have your seller account, you can start listing your products on the international marketplaces. Be sure to optimize your product listings, including high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing.
  • When listing products on Amazon, you need to keep the following information handy.
    • Product Images:
    • Product ID:
    • Search Terms:
    • Product Title:
    • Product Description:
    • Bullet Points:

Fulfillment Strategy

  • Decide whether you want to fulfill orders yourself or use Amazon FBA. FBA can simplify international shipping and may be a good option if you have a large number of orders.

Customer Service

  • Offer excellent customer service, including responding to customer inquiries promptly and providing support in the local language. Positive customer feedback can help build your reputation in international markets.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Leverage Amazon's advertising and marketing tools to promote your products to a global audience. Consider using Amazon Sponsored Products, running international deals, and optimizing your product listings for keywords relevant to each market


Amazon Global Selling is a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and tap into international markets. By leveraging Amazon's established infrastructure, trust, and support, you can make your products available to customers around the world. With careful research and planning, you can successfully navigate the challenges of global selling and grow your business on a global scale. If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Amazon Global Selling is a pathway to consider.