What is Amazon Inspire?

In today's fast-paced world, capturing consumer attention is crucial. Studies reveal that the average human attention span is just 12 seconds, making it clear that traditional product listings may not always be effective. Amazon Inspire steps in as a game-changer, redefining the way customers explore and purchase products through an engaging and personalized feed.

What is Amazon Inspire?

Amazon Inspire is a recent addition to the Amazon Shopping app, currently available only in the United States. It introduces a fresh approach to product discovery, utilizing a personalized feed filled with captivating vertical videos and images. These visuals feature an array of products from various sources, including brands, customers, and Amazon influencers.

The platform aims to make the process of discovering new products not only efficient but enjoyable, steering away from conventional product listings. Amazon Inspire draws parallels with platforms like TikTok, placing a strong emphasis on connecting customers with products through engaging content.

Why did Amazon create Inspire?

Amazon invents every day to make shopping easy and fun for customers. Inspire was designed to make it easy to explore new products, discover ideas, and seamlessly shop content created by other customers, influencers, and brands they love.

How Amazon Inspire Works:

  • Accessing Inspire: Users can access Amazon Inspire through the Amazon Shopping app by clicking on the "Light bulb" icon.
  • Selecting Interests: Upon entering Inspire, users choose from over 20 categories to tailor their interests, ranging from makeup to sports.
  • Personalized Feed: The selected interests generate a personalized feed akin to TikTok, displaying video and photo content aligned with the user's preferences.
  • Shopping: While browsing the feed, users can seamlessly shop for products. Clicking on a product of interest provides more details or allows them to add it to their shopping cart.

Requirements for Creating Amazon Inspire Content:

To contribute content to Amazon Inspire, creators must adhere to specific requirements:


  • Upload vertical format videos and images for optimal mobile viewing.


  • Keep videos short, ideally 30 seconds or less, to maintain user engagement.


  • Content must highlight at least one Amazon-available product, tagged within the uploaded content.

Use Existing Content:

  • Repurpose content created for other social media platforms by removing any social media watermarks.


  • Adhere to Amazon’s community and video content guidelines.


  • Avoid copyrighted music to prevent legal issues.

Video Size:

  • Upload videos in .mp4 or .mov format, not exceeding 5GB in size.

Uploading Content on Amazon Inspire:

Creators must be part of the Amazon Influencer Program to upload content. The process varies for mobile and desktop:

  • Mobile App: Users open the Amazon app, click on the "Light Bulb" icon, and use the "+” button to upload content.
  • Desktop: Creators manage videos in their Influencer Storefront, adding videos, titles, and product tags before submission.

Who Can Post on Amazon Inspire:

Amazon Influencers, regular Amazon Customers, and Brands contribute to Amazon Inspire:

  • Amazon Influencers: Content creators with a significant social media following and expertise in specific product areas.
  • Amazon Customers: Regular users who engage with the platform and may indirectly contribute through product reviews.
  • Brands: Actively participate in Amazon Brand Registry and collaborate with influencers for exposure.

How Can I Get My Products in the Amazon Inspire Program?

As an Amazon seller, the desire to showcase your products on Amazon Inspire is only natural. However, the process isn't as direct as submitting content to the program. Instead, Amazon generates content for Inspire based on your participation in Amazon Posts. Here's how you can increase your chances of being featured:

1. Leverage Amazon Posts:

  • Amazon Posts, a free feature for brand-registered sellers, serves as the gateway to Amazon Inspire. To position your products on Inspire, the first crucial step is enrolling in Amazon Posts. This platform allows you to create engaging content that may be repurposed for Inspire, emphasizing the need for high-quality visuals.

2. Optimize Content Quality:

  • Quality is key. Ensure that the images and videos you share on Amazon Posts are of the highest quality and maintain a professional appearance. As your Posts content is dual-purpose—serving both on Amazon Posts and potentially on Inspire—making a positive visual impact is crucial for catching the attention of potential customers.

3. Prioritize Product Performance:

  • Amazon Inspire is likely to feature products with higher sales, views, and positive reviews more prominently. To increase your visibility on Inspire, optimize every aspect of your product listings, especially those with less favorable reviews. Enhancing your product's overall performance on Amazon can contribute to its prominence on Inspire.

4. Strategic Product Optimization:

  • Consider strategically optimizing your product listings to align with the preferences of your target audience. This involves refining product titles, descriptions, and images to make them more appealing and informative. By addressing potential pain points highlighted in reviews, you enhance the overall customer experience and increase the likelihood of being featured on Inspire.

5. Engage in Community Building:

  • Actively engage with your customer community. Encourage reviews, respond to customer queries promptly, and participate in discussions related to your products. A positive and active community presence not only boosts your product's reputation but also signals to Amazon that your products are valued by customers.

6. Stay Informed About Amazon's Algorithms:

  • Understanding the algorithms that govern Amazon's content selection processes is crucial. Stay informed about how Amazon decides which products to feature, as this knowledge can guide your strategies for optimizing your listings and improving your chances of being showcased on Inspire.

In essence, while direct submission to Amazon Inspire isn't an option, sellers can strategically position themselves by excelling in Amazon Posts, emphasizing quality content, optimizing product performance, and actively engaging with their customer base.

Benefits for Brands on Amazon Inspire:

For brands, featuring products on Amazon Inspire brings several advantages:

Enhanced Visibility:

  • Increased exposure leads to greater brand awareness.

Likelihood of Sales:

  • Visually appealing content increases the chances of converting interest into sales.

Customized Brand Communication:

  • Personalized posts strengthen brand identity and resonate with the audience.

Showcasing Product Benefits:

  • Lifestyle videos demonstrate real-world product benefits.

Streamlined Shopping:

  • Direct purchases from the feed simplify the buying process.

Commissions for Sellers on Amazon Inspire:

  • Videos on Amazon Inspire can earn onsite commissions for sellers. Click-through purchases directly from featured videos contribute to the commission rates, providing an additional incentive for sellers.


Amazon Inspire transforms the online shopping experience, offering an engaging platform for customers and a valuable tool for sellers and brands to enhance visibility and engagement. For brands and sellers on Amazon, integrating Amazon Inspire into your broader marketing and sales strategy can be a game-changer. By crafting compelling and top-notch content that connects with customers and aligns with their preferences, you have the opportunity to boost your presence on Amazon significantly. This, in turn, translates into a potential surge in sales for your business. It's essential to recognize the value of Amazon Inspire as a tool that, when used strategically, can elevate your visibility and amplify your success on the platform.